1a. The President Should Come Out To Address The Youths Publicly, Not On Television
1b. Every State Must Get 10 Youth Delegates That Will Go To Abuja For The Deliberation Of Our Problems Which Will Come As Conference

  1. The President Must Sign The Electoral Act Amendment Bill Into Law. This Must Be Done Within 30 Days.
  2. The President Must Remove All Service Chiefs And Appoint New Ones Cutting Across The 6 Geopolitical Zones.
  3. Remove The Inspector General Of Police And Honourable Minister Of Police Affairs Immediately.
  4. The President Must Dissolve His Cabinet Immediately And New Ones Appointed.
  5. The Senate President And Speaker House Of Representative Must Address The Country Promising To Do All These Within 48 Hours.

7a. Reduce The Salaries And Allowances Of Members Of NASS
7b. Pass A Bill To Adopt Recommendations Of 2014 CONFAB.
7c. Pass A Bill For Every State Government Agency To Publish Their Monthly Income And Expenditure.
7d. Pass A Bill For Each State To Generate Its Own Electricity.

  1. The President To Announce Immediate Reduction Of Petrol Pump Price.
  2. The President To Announce Immediate Reduction Of Electricity Tariff.
  3. The President To Apologize To Nigerian Youths For Failed Government.

11a. The Families Of The Victims Of Peaceful Protest Should Be Compensated With A Minimum Of One Hundred Million Naira (#100,000,000) Each.
11b. The Families Of Victims Of SARS And Police Brutality To Be Compensated As 11a Above And The Officers Tried Publicly.

Signed: Concerned Nigerian Youths.

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