Youth’s participation in politics.

Politics is a methodology and activities associated with running a political candidates

Politics is typically regarded as a space for politically experienced men and while women are often disadvantaged in accumulating experience to run for office , young people are systematically marginalized because of their age , limited opportunities, and projected lack of experience.

As the increased political participation of women benefits society as a whole the presence of young people in decision making positions benefits all citizens and not just youth . The inter-parliamentary union (ipu) reports that people between the ages of 20 and 44 make-up 57% of the worlds voting age population but 26% of the world’s members of parliament (mps) . Young people under 30 represent 1.9% of the world’s mps and more than 80% of the world upper house of parliament have no mps aged under 30 .

While young people often play central and catalyzing roles in movements for democracy around the world , they are less engaged than older generations in voting and party activism .

Recognizing the potential of youth , the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) developed it’s first ever (youth strategy ,2014-2017) , called Empowered youth , sustainable future .

In line with the UN system wide action plan on 2013 which calls on Young generation to become more involved and more committee in development processes.

Where are the youths in Nigeria .

This set of factors has led to a situation in which Nigeria under the age of 35 are largely absent from government.

In the colonial era , young Nigerians led in the struggle for Independence .

As early as 1944, Nmandi Azikiwe in his 30s found the National council of Nigeria and the cameroun ( NCNC) meanwhile obafemi Awolowo , Tafawa Belawa , Almadu Bello and Samuel Akintola and many others in their 20s and 30s rose to prominence through their activism

After independence in 1960 , however, this trend began to dissipate. The golden era was not replaced with new young leader’s and by the 1980 , there were only a few politicians under 40.

At same time , youth movements calling for democracy and human right were forcibly clamped down by the military regime of the day .

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