Secrets to know if a lady is in love with you

Most times you have wondered if a girl truly loves you. Many thoughts start running through your heart that you have to ask yourself several question if she actually loves you as she claimed.

Today I will be sharing with you things a girl will do or tells you that proves she truly Loves you.

1) If she tells you about her challenges and setbacks.

Most women find it hard to discuss their pains and setbacks with their partners. But any woman who loves you passionately won’t feel the need to hide her secret from you, she would open up to you all our shortcomings setbacks and even seek your advice.

2) If she tells you about her past relationships.

Most women hardly talk about their past relationship with their new boyfriends but any woman that loves you we gladly share her past relationship experiences with you.

3) If she tells you her hidden secrets that nobody knows of.

Inasmuch as women are known to be gossips, a woman can also hide a secret from everyone around them. They have the skills to hide secrets and most of their character from their partners. Any woman who opens up on her future plans and secrets to you truly loves you.

4) If she discusses with you about her family and their plans.

Any woman that discusses her family plans with you truly loves you. Most women don’t feels comfortable discussing their family plans with their partners. If your partners tell you all about her family then she is really into you and she trusts you a lot.

5) If she opens up regarding her source of income.

This is one of the hardest things a woman can ever do or tells her partner any woman who confidently reveals her financial life status to you sort out the bank details bank account amount do you truly love you.

6) if she tells you about her interesting, embarrassing and terrible moments

These moments bring back memories she cherishes some are good while some are bad. For disclosing this to you, it shows she cherishes you a lot in her heart.

7) If she tells you your mistakes.

Most ladies are shy or scared of confronting their man face to face to tell them where they went wrong. If a woman truly loves you and desires you to be a great man in the near future she won’t be scared to talk to you about your mistakes. Dear men any woman who discuss your mistakes with you truly loves you

8) If she will tell you what scares her the most.

A girl may not share her anxieties and insecurities with you to avoid being vulnerable or blackmailed with it in the future. If a lady ever entrusts such in your hand it is apparent she dreams of you and would love to amass you be a part of her life as well.

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